Poem of the Month: Keep me from being free

Don’t be a moaner.

Don’t be a groaner, or so they say

Be grateful for what you have

That’s what they say


I’m tired of what they have to say

To whisper us lies

They work us all day and night long

The stars shining

The crickets chirping

The flowers blooming

Still, we plow the fields

We mow the lawns

We pick the corn


They say we should be thankful

They say we owe it all to them

They say we wouldn’t make it

That we would be hungry

That we would be alone and lost

I say we would be free

That is what I long

I do not know freedom, except in the tales of heroes

For I am not a fighter

I am not a hero,

Though I long to be free


And even here,

With the wind blowing

Under the endless sky of bright white stars

A full moon in the fields

Where the stars shine ever so bright

Where the crickets chirp

Where the flowers bloom

Where the corn grows

I am home

And even here,

Though I’ve never thought much about it

I am free, an endless world right in front of me


Just some courage

Just some bravery

Maybe I’ll make it to the other side of the fields

Maybe I’ll get to build a life for me

True, they can control us

But in my mind,

They can’t keep me from being free

2 thoughts on “Poem of the Month: Keep me from being free

  1. David, this is so beautiful, you made me cry!
    You are incredibly talented.
    Keep it up!
    Love you!


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