Him, her, and thon?

There used to be a singular gender-neutral pronoun in the English language   That’s right, you heard correctly. A big problem in the English language is the need to use ‘he’ and ‘she’. If something is referring to both genders, why can’t we make our lives easier and have a word for that? Also, in this century, gender identity is evolving. Sometimes people would not … Continue reading Him, her, and thon?

New words and slang in the dictionary?

On the Merriam-Webster open dictionary, you can find many new words, some that you’ve never even heard of, and probably some words you’ve heard used. Honestly, some of the entries seem completely ridiculous to me, but I find it amusing to look at the list. On the other hand, there are some useful new words on the list that are probably worthy of being used more often. … Continue reading New words and slang in the dictionary?