A food revolution? How a start-up is changing our culture of food

https---media.blueapron.com-home_page-WhatsInTheDelivery-011317_WhatsInside_desktopA new start-up called Blue Apron wants to revolutionize the way home cooking works. It works in a subscription-like way, as customers have the opportunity to join, and every week, for the same rate, Blue Apron sends out recipes and ingredients, all pre-measured and ready to go. It is a simple service, but well managed and extremely organized. There are two plans to select from; a 4 person and a 2 person. Every week, you can pick out your favorite two recipes from their selection and have them delivered right to your doorstep, and you can also select the day of the delivery (although there may be some constraints, depending on where you live). Do not underestimate this service, as it has great potential. One of the biggest arguments or excuses for not cooking at home is not having enough time. However, especially for busy parents, this makes cooking at home for your children so much more feasible. Luckily, ingredients are sustainably sourced from farms, so the end product is a delicious and healthy meal that often feels like it could be from a fancy restaurant. If this service becomes widespread, cooking at home could experience a revival. Who knows, maybe we’ll become a healthy society again. Maybe obesity could even decrease. However, the price of one meal is about $9, which may be hard for low-income families to pay. It cannot become a substitute for fast food and McDonald’s until the price goes down. When it does, the service could go widespread. I truly believe that this service can transform the way we think about cooking. This service single-handedly eliminates one of the biggest problems for cooking at home. Yeah, it can improve. The price can go down. More options could become available. And I’m sure all of that will happen, sometime, but in any case, this is an extremely useful product. I have tried it, and if you have the money for it, and are in the position to do so, I recommend you also try it. Foodies, concerned mommies and daddies, and youngsters should all rejoce. This can become a part of our food culture, just as take out and pizza delivery is.

Image courtesy of Blue Apron

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