Poem: There’s no coming back

There’s no coming back

On a boat, on the sea
Whatever comes past
Be it a dolphin, or a wave
Flows forward, away from me
Never looking back
Forever keeping forward
And with each wave, each rock of the boat
Can I but help think
That nothing will come back
It’s a one way street
Life, that is
There’s no coming back

The waves don’t flow the same
They don’t even go the same way
They all go
We aren’t the same
We don’t go the same way
We all go
There’s no coming back

On the ocean floor
Beneath the life is the death
Which is a part of it all
For death is life
The shipwreck there
Home to the fish
Land of the coral
There, lays that contraption
It didn’t go the right way
The way they wanted it to go
But it went
There’s no coming back now

Sad though it is
The ocean has no heart
It moves forward
Not caring, or not knowing
We have a heart
We are not the ocean

Though it hurts we will move forward
We will always remember
For we have a heart
We will know
We will always know
There’s no coming back


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