If America was 100 people

It is hard to understand and grasp the diversity of the United States. So what would happen if you reduced it to 100 people? The Pew Research Center has compiled charts on the religion and race of America as a village. There would be 71 Christians, 2 Jews, and 1 Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist. 23 would not identify with any religion. Of those 71 Christians, 47 would bd white. 8 would be black Protestants. 4 would be hispanic Protestants. In all, 47 would be Protestant and 21 would be Catholic. Quite a variety of faiths and race. I am convinced that in the 21st century, America will only become more diverse. There are a few things worth noting. First off, no village actually has a religous abd racial makeup like this. In rural areas, villages tend to mainly be white and Protestant. If we average in all the diverse cities and not-so diverse rural settlement, we will get these numbers. You would be hard-pressed to find a community of 100 with even remotely similar diversity. We are often isolated in our own little areas. It’s only one side of the story. Race and religion don’t define us. There are many challenges to overcome, and there still is racism. There still is hate. But we have lots of people from lots of different backrounds, so our problems can be fixed. Would our problems not exist if we were 100 people? Or would they be even bigger?

One thought on “If America was 100 people

  1. I really like this blog a lot! Congratulations on a great endeavor and I look forward to keeping in touch through it.


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