Could America have the model transportation network of the future?

A new conpany of Elon Musk’s, Hyperloop One, wants to build a system of vacum tubes with train-like capsules traveling in them near the speed of sound around the country. The trains could go, on average, 700 mph, while airplanes generally travel at about 500 mph. That is quite a feat, a new method of transportation faster than the plane. Travel times between major US cities would be greatly reduced, and perhaps, just perhaps public transportation would experience a revival as rail services would come to places where few existed. You could now go from Dallas to Houston in 25 minutes. From Orlando to Miami in 26 minutes. From LA to San Diego in 12 minutes. From Seattle to Portland in 17 minutes. The possibilities are infinite. The country could be crossed on land in only a few hours. Just like the railroads were a breakthrough back then, the Hyperloop will be the new breakthrough. If it moves from plan to reality, the country will become smaller once again. We will become more interconnected and stronger than ever. America needs this kind of innovation. While other countries like France and Japan boast hundreds of miles of high speed rail, the US only has the Acela, which isn’t really that fast or safe for that matter. Of course, these countries are way more dense, population-wise, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t work in America. There are long corridors of cities across the country, like Washington DC-NYC-Boston. Hyperloop has identidied 11 concept plans that seem to take into account these corridors, and seems to know on which markets this would work. Where this concept is the most feasible, and where it would make the most impact is in the medium-distance range, let’s say cities that would be 3-6 hours drive, and aren’t really far enough to take a plane, so you end up driving. However, Hyperloop could connect these cities in a matter of minutes. These cities would become richer and better, as movement of people and goods becomes easier. If this becomes a reality, America will flourish. However, it looks set that the first Hyperloop may open in the UAE. But maybe, just maybe if America works together, it can once again become a center of innovation. Yes, there are challenges to overcome, as always. To build all these route concepts would be immensely expensive. Whether the tech behind it will actually work safely is a question. But the first test track in Nevada has already been completed. If done properly, this infrastructure investment could recieve support fron both Republicans and Democrats. Will it be dismissed as a crazy, impossible, and radical plan like so many other great ideas? Or will an unlikely concept become reality. I don’t know.