The Great Wall of America? A Mexican architecture firm’s plan for Trump’s wall

A Mexican architecture firm, Studio 3.14, has envisioned a concept for President Donald Trump’s controversial border wall with Mexico. The gigantic wall, stretching across all 1,954 miles of the US-Mexico border, would be painted bright pink, becoming an attraction, with possibly a shopping center inside, and lookout points on the top, for US citizens to look down on Mexico. However, inside the wall, there would also be a prison and processing center for undocumented immigrants. According to the firm, up to 6 million people could be employed in the wall. The wall could become an icon of America,  alongside the Statue of Liberty and the White House, for better or worse. It could be a Great Wall of America. The whole wall business, and especially this concept, may seem far-fetched and unnecessary. However, if Donald Trump will insist on building his wall, then he might as well make it beautiful. He should like the job creation part of this, to say the least, and personally, I think he will like how intimidating the wall is to the Mexican side. Whether you oppose the wall or support it, I think you’ll agree, this is something else. Although this concept is very unrealistic and would cost a fortune to build, it sure is an interesting proposal to make the planned border wall a destination.


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