New words and slang in the dictionary?

On the Merriam-Webster open dictionary, you can find many new words, some that you’ve never even heard of, and probably some words you’ve heard used. Honestly, some of the entries seem completely ridiculous to me, but I find it amusing to look at the list. On the other hand, there are some useful new words on the list that are probably worthy of being used more often. Here are some especially interesting ones:

  1. wassup; what’s up (noun)
  2. typative; inclined to type a great deal (adjective)
  3. congressioner; congressman or congresswoman (noun)
  4. bureauclast; someone appointed to destroy or dismantle the agency or department for which he/she works (noun)
  5. alternative fact; an intentional falsehood offered as a piece of evidence (noun)
  6. anxiatic; a person who is anxious (noun)
  7. TFW; that feeling when (abbreviation)
  8. pugly; ugly in a cute way (adjective)
  9. emojictionary; a dictionary of emojis (noun)
  10. dechristmas; to take down christmas decorations and put them away (verb)
  11. frendia; social media friends (noun)
  12. barkitive; tending to bark frequently and loudly (adjective)
  13. prisonic; of or relating to prison (adjective)
  14. triquel; the third installment in a series (noun)
  15. chemicalism; addiction to processed foods (noun)
  16. texto; a typo in a text message (noun)
  17. wefie; a group selfie (noun)
  18. magicalness; the condition of being magical (noun)
  19. acknologize; to acknowledge having done something wrong without apologizing (verb)
  20. inter seasonal; in between seasons (adjective)


If you don’t believe me, see for yourself here.

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